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- Game On for Nature -

What is the potential for games and gamification to improve the stewardship of land, water, and nature in the UK and beyond?

A UK-first; bringing experts in games and gamification together with specialists in the value of nature. 

12.00-12.50 pm
Session 1:
Opening session - Game On for Nature

Keynote addresses by Tony Juniper CBE, Chair of Natural England and one of the UK's leading environmental leaders, alongside Jude Ower MBE, Founder and Chief Executive of Playmob and Co-founder of the Playing for the Planet Alliance. Followed by a ‘fireside’ conversation between the two speakers to further elaborate on the opportunity for collaboration. Chaired by event sponsor.

1.40-2.30 pm
Session 2:
Panel discussion - The journey

Featuring experts involved in game design and valuing nature. Reflections on the points raised in the opening keynotes, discussion of the ‘state of the art’ and next steps for harnessing the potential of games and gamification in securing the value of nature.

2.50-3.40 pm
Session 3:
Innovation showcase

Showcases, including a brand-new web-based tool to raise citizens’ awareness of the benefits of nature-based solutions and enable users to ‘calculate’ the environmental benefits. This prototype incorporates gamification features to engage citizens playfully in understanding the multiple benefits of nature-based solutions. 

4.00-4.50 pm
Session 4:
Workshop - Game on for you

Run by Internet of Elephants, an international organisation that makes ground-breaking tools for engagement with wildlife. The session  will take delegates through the journey of designing a game for good that will engage users with the ideas of natural capital across the UK.

4.50-5.00 pm
Session 5:
Conclusions and next steps

Remarks from sponsors and summary of ideas from delegates for next steps to Game On for Nature.

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